"Long winds and waves sometimes break through, hanging straight from the clouds and sailing towards the vast sea."

Continuing Eastern culture and interpreting contemporary inheritance. The designer of this case attempts to incorporate the cultural symbols of "sailing" into the spatial design using the spatial language of "movement" and "stillness", while preserving the traditional Hong Kong flavor and adding a flowing feeling.

The journey of life is long and rapid. In the vertical space, on the quiet ocean made of white marble bricks, arcs of different depths are embedded to create a pure white sail interweaving in the space, forming a semi open front desk. The collision of elegant colors creates an intellectual beauty, and the fusion of reality and virtuality between light and shadow reaches its maximum.

Shuttling between the sails and shadows, the freely growing golden Bauhinia flower protrudes its head, dotted with flowing light in this extended space.

At the end of the aisle, the confession under the Bauhinia flower transformed into a golden rudder, seamlessly connecting the front desk with the space, and adding a touch of golden brilliance to this pure white space. Under the lazy sunshine, the sea mist formed by the water vapor on the sea enveloped the conference room. With the shimmering waves, ripples appeared on the tea brown wooden conference table, blending with the scenery of Victoria Harbour, as if one were immersed in the prosperity of Hong Kong.

In the rest area, designers add different "color blocks" to create a warm harbor within the pure white hull of the ship. The combination of earth colored carpets and the sofas carries the sailor's dream and the stars falling into the sea. The stars reflect in the tea room, extending the outline of the space.

Sitting in the boss office,it feels like sailing freely among the waves, boats go into the secret realm of the world. Setting aside heavy decorations, the collision of geometric lines, light and shadow forms, and colors endows the space with more spiritual creativity. Sitting in it, quietly feeling the boundless ocean, it is calm and powerful, adding historical sediment and leading us to explore the wonders of the unknown.

Completion Year
Hong Kong China
Project Type
Design + Construction