What kind of experience will it be when Cantonese charm is integrated into Philips's office space?

The design focused on modern style, and the designer integrated elements from Guangzhou into the entire space on this basis. Through reasonable spatial layout and color matching, starting from Panyu, Guangzhou, and surrounding the entire Guangzhou city, while showcasing local cultural sentiments, it also maintains a modern sense of technology to create a high-end, comfortable, and professional office environment.

The main color tones of the front desk are white and blue, both of which represent simplicity, purity, and high quality. The simple, elegant, and smooth lines showcase the modern and technological feel of Philips products.

The wooden embellishments add a touch of warmth to the restaurant, and upon entering, a hand-painted picture of Guangzhou's nostalgia catches the eye. The green light film in the tea room complements each other.

In the work area, bright colors dance in this technological space, adding a touch of vitality to the space.

Completion Year
1,597 ㎡
Guangzhou China
Project Type