As a multinational enterprise specializing in accounting affairs, MarcumAsia ranks among the top in the world with its professional level. This meticulousness has also been cleverly applied in the design, on the one hand enhancing the practicality of the space, and on the other hand, attempting to use techniques such as white space and contrast to create a subtle visual effect.

It likes a sail that dares to ride the wind and break through the waves, and is also good at thinking and learning.

Due to the control of the entire front desk and reception area, the designer abandoned the rigid spatial structure division method and adopted the design concept of "opening" and "connecting". The front desk and reception area blend and run through, forming a visual continuity. Based on the internationalization of MarcumAsia and the association of going against the wind, the designer has depicted the shape of the front desk background wall as a sail facing the wind, with elegant colors colliding to create an intellectual beauty. The exquisite texture of white marble bricks, combined with biomimetic stone art paint, implying the meaning of firm determination . The front desk is made of three wooden blocks stacking together, resembling a moving ship. From the white color of the background wall to the white tiles, it achieves the maximum fusion between light, shadow, and reality.

The combination of metal hangers, dark gray display wooden cabinets, and earth colored carpets in the reception area showcases an elegant temperament. The designer adds a touch of light and bright green while retaining calm and elegance. The green tiles and orange sofas complement each other, creating a rare and relaxing atmosphere. They bring a contrasting color effect to the entire pure white space, making people feel comfortable and joyful. The line of sight passes through the hallway, with a central green plant standing at the end, serving as both a sandbar in the white desert and a lighthouse in the vast sea.

In the conference room, the designer continues to retain the element of "sail", and the blue and white color scheme of the European decorative panel is an innovative embodiment of the "sail" element. The white sail divides the sea into blocks and occupies a place in the boundless sea. The contrast between color and material keeps the overall style consistent, adding a vision for the future.

The antique background panel in the tea room brings a sense of historical sedimentation, with the bright moon hanging high and green plants bursting with vitality from the vase shaped hollow. As the saying goes, a gentleman's friendship is as elegant and pure as tea, leaving us a lasting impression.

Break limitations, create new focal points, and set sail with MarcumAsia !


2023 German Design Award Special - Excellent Architecture

Completion Year
Guangzhou China
Project Type
Design + Construction