As a global enterprise focusing on the accounting business, MarcumAsia leads a world-class performance in its professionalism. The focus, delicacy and high effectiveness are taken in the design as well. Not only do the design team improve the space availability, but they attempt to better the visual effect by blank-leaving and contrast.

It is the ship and the sail that dare to challenge the wave, and think wisely.

When considering how to connect the front area and reception area, it is optimized by the idea of open and connect, instead of a stereotype spatial distribution. The two areas are blended together seamlessly to make visual continuity for people. According to MarcumAsia's international footsteps and fighting against adversity, the front background wall is designed as a sail facing the wind. The white marble tiles mixed by the bionic stone art paint, seems so delicate and firm as to present a rock-solid sense and intellectual beauty by its elegant white. The front desk, consisted of three logs, has a moving-forward-ship looking. As the white from the background wall extends to the ground, it brings together a combination of light and shadow, as well as, actuality and illusion at maximum.

In order to keep the connection in the office, different color squares, lines and material are welcomed to join in the reception area for a fun, high contrast. We can see the wavy screen made of the dark brown plexiglass, dark-grey display cabinet, earth tones carpet,sofa available to communication, metal-textured bar, and abstract art work in this area, delivering a half-open space for guests and staff to communicate and collaborate.

In order to continue the consistent style in leader's office and meeting room,the element of "sail" and the contrast of colors and finishing remains, giving the office some accumulation of time and the vision of future.

Break the limit and create the new focus. Let's start a journey with MarcumAsia !


2022 Titan Awards – Gold Winner

2022 Muse Design Awards – Gold Winner

2022 Sydney Design Awards – Silver

2022 The Golden Bund Award Ceremony – Bronze Award For The Best Office Space

2022 Iconic Awards – Selection

2022 DNA Paris Design Awards – Honorable Mention

2021 Outstanding Property Award London 2020 – Winner

2021 IDA Design Awards – Honorable Mention

Completion Year
560 ㎡
Guangzhou China
Project Type
Design + Construction