Fawa is an independent beauty brand in China. We hope to create a brand new corporate image for the next decade. In the whole design, we start thinking about customer's own industrial characteristics. and target to create an exclusive office space through the use of elements related to beauty and makeup.

We extracted our design language from Fawa's corporate logo and integrated the common elements of interior design, beauty and makeup. Mirror, powder, cotton ball. 

These are the indispensable and important tools in cosmetic process. Accordingly we use a lot of mirrors, glass, sound-absorbing boards to inspire the feeling of being surrounded by cosmetics. We use powder paint to brush the wall evenly which seems like make-up for a beautiful young girl.

In this case, we also use the core design pattern a lot.  We adapt a flowery design on every corner of the ceiling. We hope that this design language can greatly  their own internal staff corporate image sense, strengthen the customer's brand image, and establish a new brand image. The influence of space on people is undoubtedly huge. 

The constant repetition of design language and the application of various techniques make the whole space elaborate and unified. And build a link that connects everyone who works here.

2021 DNA Paris Design Awards - Honorable Mention
Completion Year
1,128 ㎡
Guangzhou China
Project Type
Design + Construction