Welcome to AfterShip Co-building Planet. They are A-Geeks driving their dream ships to their minecraft, rather than robots sitting in the cold control cabin. Since it is the whole universe what they conquest, only with love and courage can these dreamers embrace the ever-changing unknown.

Green delivers us hopes of new life. When go into the reception area in the 4th floor, it sees the data nebula forming the oasis with connection of hopes. For the whole reception desk decorated with features of data nebula, black and green dots adorned the terrazzo reception desk, while retro-style green semi-cylinders bear the desk. The lighting on the exposed ceiling just like the screen border, sparkling in  shiny data nebula, which leaves a sense of mystery as the curved doors and windows on the background wall seeming passing through the unknown. The oasis remains to extend, across the orange leisure island, and drops by the Hot Desk area, filled with autumn-wood-color and tile blue. The green continualy unlocks its nature at the conference room. The sustainble and environmental friendly materials as beige sound-absorbing board and fabric finishes are given the vigor of organic forms. In this area, there are nude carpets, light brown office chairs and light maple conference table, around green long benches and hand pillows on the both sides, accompanying with the enthusiasm and vivacity.

Passing through the jungle-style corridor, the lush grass-green-color undulates gentlely around the Wellness Center. Adorned by the light grey curtains which are seemingly woven by the wind gone with the summer night, the open stair-area is a natural place for A-Geeks to relax themselves. The brightness of blue, chasing with the wild of green. It can be a touch of tranquility lying down in the pantry, while It is found as ease as a piano blues on the meditation area. Dancing with the sunshine in the reading area, it calls upon people to enjoy the learning moment. It is gathering laughters of joy in this leisure area, which is called as a replica of golden beach. The golden benches are surrounded by a cozy grey-green sofa,on the carpet with the texture which looks splashing waves on the beach, where people can enjoy themselves on this blue wonderland.

The sunshine keeps the temperature of wonderland boiling in the sixth floor. Crossing the darkness of the night, in respond to the era of national fitness by rhythmically dancing with light and shadow in the gym, allowing one’s thought to wander in the scenery of the coastal highway outside the window. The pure matcha green and the simple wild rice yellow meet, and this brainstorming area is destined to make people's minds open and their mood relaxed! Everyone can freely switch work modes in a flexible and unbound space, unleashing unlimited imagination and transcending the boundaries of imagination.

Again, welcome to the AfterShip Co-building Planet. Hopefully, everyone could grow better in every challenge.


2022 Muse Design Awards - Gold Winner

2022 DNA Paris Design Awards - Honorable Mention

2022 A‘Design Award & Competition – Iron

2021 IDA Design Awards  - Honorable Mention

Completion Year
Shenzhen China
Project Type
Design + Construction