The eye-ball catching of the project of is the 137 meters runway, which can  accommodate 237 people of their university...These are the topics of , exactly like hidden in the game of Easter eggs. Have you got ready? The game is about to begin.

On August 12, 2018, we received a secret book called "37 Mind Technique", and our story with also began.And their company slogan : "Play and create the world." really attracted us. We started with playfulness to create a new world for them, to motivate employee engagement, promote inspiration generation, and flexibly adjust their work patterns. Ultimately, it achieved a vibrant and passionate workplace, like the second happy home for employees. Therefore, keywords such as "integration of creativity and engineering", "working while playing", and "collaboration among employees" have emerged in the new office to reflect the spirit of "Play and create the world". The new building has a total of 9 floors, including 7 standard office floors and 2 functional floors. We imagined this building as a game scene, with each floor being a scene level. There are wetlands, lava, deserts, fields, glaciers, markets, castles, mountains, and forests. Extract scene elements from each floor as the design language. Using simple monochrome as the theme color for each floor, and created an elegant workspace with exquisite and delicate color schemes. The most expressive area of the standard floor office is the main entrance and tea room. It is also the area that best reflects the elements of the floor. The theme and color of each floor break the ordered geometric form of open spaces. Beautiful geometric colors appear on the pillars, floors, and walls of conference rooms and open offices. This simple solution can instantly bring vitality and change to the workplace.

Completion Year
16,038 ㎡
Guangzhou China
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