Emotion is closely tied to design, since it is not only a growth ring of memory, but also a source of energy.

As Great develops in line with the core value of caring mothers and babies, we attempt to integrate the warmth of emotion into this design. Inspired by the original ecological environment from the meadow and the farm, we select the representative element which acts as a core theme for each area. The whole space is blended together by connecting elements to make it connective and comfortable. 

The very first symbol to hug the spring is the soft grasses enjoying stretching. The reception area serves as display room and reception, awakened by the grass-colored plant wall. The bar-shaped reception desk and display cabinet, with the soft lighting as sunshine. The green plants are decorated around the cabinet, while the yellow and green leaf-shaped sofas are lying beside the wall. Filled with pleasure, the grass path extends into the interview room.

The encounter between wood and stone is also like a hug between soft and persistence from primitive nature. A classic composition, raw wood and stone, shows up again in the meeting room and tea room. Unlike the wooden furniture and wallpaper, using the stone-textured carpet in the meeting room, it chooses rock-textured wallpaper and log-textured tea desk furniture in tea room, containing profound and mysterious power.

The blossoming chamomiles, yellow and green elves, responds with the hug of life. The whole office area is decorated with yellow, green and white, from the office furniture and the carpet. The chamomile style in office area makes it filled with natural vitality.

It's natural to hug the sunshine, as to breathe. With the attachment of the sunshine, the rest area is aroused by the nature with a special kind of joy. Across the sunshine box made of perforated aluminum plate, the sunshine immerses the whole area in the warmth of sun. The wall painting of oil-painting style corresponds to elements used in the reception, as well as brings staff a visual feast. 

Now, let's feel the hug from love.

Completion Year
805 ㎡
Guangzhou China
Project Type
Design + Construction