H&H Group, with the core concept of creating a healthy life, is not only committed to providing high-quality health products to global consumers but also dedicated to the design of office environments.

Designers cleverly incorporate elements of nature into the interior, with lush greenery everywhere on desks, hallways, corners, and rest areas. The green carpet is like a vast lawn, even the chandeliers on the ceiling are decorated in the shape of leaves, allowing us to feel the warm call of nature in our spare time.

In terms of spatial division, we have adopted a non-traditional front desk design, combined with sitting stairs, window sofas, and comfortable furniture, making the waiting, reception, and mobile office in the front area more flexible and comfortable.

All three projects fully embody the initial design concept, allowing employees to improve work efficiency, and enhance interaction and collaboration in a healthy and comfortable environment while feeling the company's care and enhancing their sense of belonging. Here, health and happiness are our office philosophy.


2019 The Golden Bund Award Ceremony – Gold for Office Space

Completion Year
800 ㎡
Guangzhou China
Project Type
Design + Construction