Located in the best geographical location surrounded by Victoria Harbour and mountains, the Hong Kong branch of H&H Group is located here. This is also the first office of the group aimed at the concept of a mobile office.

The designer cleverly combined the unique geographical location and incorporated the concept of a Liberation Park into the natural elements of trees, greenery, oases, and land. The non-traditional front desk combined with a staircase, the sofas by the window, and comfortable furniture make the waiting, reception, and mobile office scenery in the front area more flexible and comfortable.

Green trees are planted in the middle of the desks in the employee area, and walking in the work area is like shuttling through the forest. The design of the window lift table also reduces the pressure and discomfort caused by sitting for a long time while working. All employees of the mobile office have their own cabinets, which facilitate the storage of personal items.

The entire project maximizes the presentation of the concept from the initial design stage to the implementation effect, making employees work healthier, more comfortable, efficient, more interactive and collaborative, and enhancing their sense of belonging.


2019  The Golden Bund Award Ceremony – Gold for Office Space

Completion Year
800 ㎡
Hong Kong China
Project Type
Design + Construction