The design of the music and art exhibition hall is a visual symphony movement, which not only radiates unique charm to the space, but also inspires people to break out of their thinking framework and explore endless possibilities. In this place full of innovation and inspiration, design and music blend together to create a brand new artistic experience.

The design of F·Buchholotz Art Center is inspired by the stave, combining notes with the linear structure of wood grain boards to create a dynamic and emotional picture. The design team cleverly integrated line elements throughout the walls of the entire public passage, filling the space with musical rhythms. And the crowd shuttles through it, like dynamic notes, injecting vitality into this space.

In this art center, every corner is filled with flowing lines, whether it is the ceiling of gypsum boards, the floor of cement bricks, or the surface of walls, they are all like notes on a musical sheet, jumping and extending. This visual effect not only unifies the style of the entire space, but also makes viewers feel the infinite possibilities of art.

In addition, the F·Buchholotz Art Center also has various fully functional small classrooms, performance halls, and dance rooms, providing hardware foundations for artists and bringing rich and colorful artistic experiences to the audience. Every space here is a unique pearl, emitting the charm of music and art.

The design of F·Buchholotz Art Center is like a beautiful piece of music, with a melodious melody that is intoxicating. It not only showcases the professional competence and unique perspective of the design team, but also allows people to feel the infinite charm of music and art. Here, you can fully appreciate, exchange, learn, and experience an unprecedented feast of art.


2018 International Design Excellence Awards – Finalist

Completion Year
1,433 ㎡
Guangzhou China
Project Type
Design + Construction