In a space of 14 x 14 meters, which is equivalent to half the size of a basketball court, there are also 2 columns of 2.5 x 2.5 meters inside. How to arrange a team of 30 people reasonably, not only to meet the needs of daily meetings and filming, but also to create a unique collaboration area by freeing up limited space? Here is the brand new mobile office space we have created for E-ducation Technology Co., Ltd.

Throughout the open work area, employees will experience different forms of work, changing their previous fixed work patterns and habits. Let the team be in the form of different project groups,creating discussion work circle, assign the best landscape to the employees in need, and make the composition mode of team collaboration echo every work area.

The decorative surface of the 2.5-meter pillar is not designed to have a large area of slogan background text printed on it. Instead, a gradient blue mirror is installed on it to stick the slogan on the surface which means is to reflect our own soul at all times, and also to coordinate the limitations of space.

The storage cabinets in the mobile office area use blue, gray and white colors to match the splicing of carpet color blocks.

The small meeting room is equipped with standing furniture, and the double-layer soundproof glass system partition and sound-absorbing panels are used to achieve a private effect.

Completion Year
203 ㎡
Guangzhou China
Project Type
Design + Construction