The song of wisdom in roaming

The Earth Goddess——Gaea is never stint to share her wisdom. 

We find the creation in a chaos, as well as the order including messes.

The red velvet marble table in reception area, is the struggle of strength dancing with the elegance of wisdom. 

Khaki carpet symbolizes the infinite of the earth and imagination.

The forest wallpaper in the background wall is breathing under the early morning sunshine.

The orange earth color pattern becomes square piano keys for the meeting rooms. 

The Morandi's artworks and nature scenes return to sound music notes for VIP room.

The floor on the corridor, seeming as a beachside path kissed by the sun, decorated by the bare-rock grey and half-wet-sands brown. 

Unrestrainedly, the passion of nature lighting stretches out the collaboration area which has ladder seats. 

The seemingly disorder and intangible working area utilizes diverse office furniture composition, such as height adjustable desk, tree desk and half-high-level panel, to make their employees enjoy a more comfortable working space.

It actively combines the natural and dynamic space, and the earth tones, which hopefully presents TSAF with regard to their development and achievements, as well as sustains the delicate humanization and the sense of experience.

Completion Year
790 ㎡
Shenzhen China
Project Type
Design + Construction