The rhythm of the crowd is the pulse of the city, and a pair of eyes have experienced the changes of time and space, glimpsing the changes of the city in the ever-changing buildings of light and shadow. The vitality and beats resonate with the heart, weaving a web of vitality along the blood vessels, transforming into the pulse of the city in every breath, and flowing with unwavering warmth and warmth in the veins.

Light is swallowed by the moon and spit out in the early morning. The night witnesses the gentle and powerful breaking of dawn, separating day and shadow, slowly awakening in the noisy dawn between the buildings. When the sun passes through another cycle, the sun shines brightly on the city, and the leisure area is filled with warm orange daily life. Dancing in the dawn, the light flows from the chair to the black below the horizon, telling it how you will welcome a brand-new dream. If dreams can become solvents, after swallowing a mouthful of warm light, it can spit out a gold coin. When the sunlight shines here again, it leaves the basis for every meeting in the negotiation area.

Through the passage of time and mountains and rivers, the noon sunshine is warm, and the golden orange cedar is burning in the eyes. The never-ending flame hangs high, and the layers of forests are dyed, making the depth of the scene in the eyes immerse oneself. The presence of light and shadow takes away the wooden blank, and the broken gold wandering in the gaps of trees falls into the water. Saliva droplets splatter on the reception area, spinning and falling with thoughts, rendering it into circles of dark shadows of the day. In the tea room, the tiny drops of tea dripping from the warm cups and cups reach the bottom, creating a whole forest that stretches for ten miles in spring, filled with a fragrant atmosphere.

The dust of history whizzes past with particles, blowing past the evening reception, and leaving the ground covered in dust. Clouds and light spread out like the earth, the spirit is as peaceful as a dense forest, and thoughts are as free as the wind. The circles within the collaborative zone intersect in the fireflies, witnessing the darkness and flicker of the city. At dusk, they lead the boundless daylight, and in the pursuit of truth, perhaps they are closer to freedom.

The floating foam of day and night and tides evolved into a pulsating pulse. The crowd shuttles, following the pulse of the city, returning to every rise and fall, waiting for the next scheduled sunrise.

Completion Year
4,149 ㎡
Guangzhou China
Project Type
Design + Construction