Starting from the rich and innovative multicultural soil in the Greater Bay Area, with the concept of "Eden", we aim to maximize the advantages of brand DNA cultural integration and create a multicultural office platform rich in brand innovative technology and local characteristics, bringing a variety of immersive cultural collision spatial experiences.

Exploring the multi-level expression and different functional experiences brought by space, using geometric shapes to break through the singularity of space. In this space creation, the integration of brand elements extends the brand concept, presenting the green and recyclable environmental protection concept in the space. The technological, natural, and dynamic office area brings infinite creativity and inspiration to every employee. In the collision with the diverse culture of the Greater Bay Area, the brand DNA, structural functions, spatial aesthetics, and multi sensory functional experience are integrated, exploring a new interpretation of environmentally friendly technology in office spaces.
Completion Year
4,900 ㎡
Shenzhen China
Project Type