The design of this case is inspired by the character "鹏", creating a natural picture of a hundred birds returning to their nests, with the intention that every King Pounder no matter how high and low they have experienced or how they have overcome obstacles, can find their sense of belonging and security like home here. Looking up, the shape of the ceiling is like countless white cranes flying overhead, and with the decoration of lighting, the superposition of light and shadow forms a natural three-dimensional sense. The front desk and floor are both made of marble material, and the patterns that have been formed countless times over time outline a deeper underlying contour of the ecological environment for this painting.

In addition to animals, designers have also cleverly integrated plant elements into the overall idea, giving the four lounges a relatively independent and unified design tone with the themes of "bamboo forest, chrysanthemum platform, plum garden, and orchid pavilion". Users can adapt to different areas according to their different needs and moods. Embed corresponding poetry on the wall, the ancient Chinese style gives all of this cultural heritage.


The ancient Chinese character "灋" is decomposed into three Chinese characters. One of them is "氵", which means as flat as water, and is extended to mean equality before the law. In order to highlight the special significance of the "灋" character upheld by the law firm, the designer also applied ancient Chinese carving techniques to create an exclusive mark, which was embedded in key positions such as the front desk and historical and cultural walls of the law firm, constantly reminding the staffs of reverence for the law and the law firm.

The implementation of this plan is undoubtedly multidimensional. Starting from the abstract artistic conception of "a hundred birds returning to their nests", and using the concrete interpretation technique of Chinese style, the entire project can showcase its unique style in terms of space, culture, and aesthetics.

Completion Year
1,980 ㎡
Guangzhou China
Project Type
Design + Construction