Let’s imagine when the dream of the Great Bay Area is woven into a poem in reality by hardworking hands. Its sonorous words are made of the unyielding spirit of the golden pine, while its graceful rhyme consists of the timelessness of the springs. The generosity of mountains leaves poetic blankness for people, as the steadiness of the stone delivers the sincerest emotion. Based on the principle that the goals will be achieved with honesty and trustworthiness, the whole design idea combining the elements of the Great Bay Area culture, leads to a new look of the Great Bay Area shown on the brand new office space.
With a simple geometric figure designed in a freehand way, the reception desk is seemingly a sailing ship, continually setting sail in the wave of innovation and development in the Great Bay Area, as a development hub connecting the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area in the new era. The two curved walls of the reception area echo each other, seemingly implicitly outlining the Great Bay Area. The lighting, just like golden sunshine from the scorching sun, sprinkling freely from the ceiling, plated with a layer of time and tide on the wall, is regarded as the sacred grace of the creator, as well as a reward for the strugglers. We use its glory and persistence to thrive the elegant pine of the Great Bay Area. No matter how the wind blows it, it stands still with a shape seemingly to play the notes for the future. The stretched curving line on the ceiling is reflected in the patterns on the floor. The lines are designed as clouds change along with the breath of the wind. The floor patterns are like still water running deep, showing an Eastern wisdom and poetic sense on it. Once passing by the front area, everyone can be encouraged by the honor wall with a record of the history and expectations of JT&N.
It has a quite special design on the glass of the rooms in the working area, because of the textures on the glass, which could be seen as surging waves from a distance, but as an old annual ring at a close look. With the tone of nature making up the whole working area, this space, decorated by the warm-wood color of pine, the grey-ink color of the mountain, and classic pearl white, creates an atmosphere of freshness and elegance for the staff.
It gives people a feeling of contentment and pleasure since the reception room is adorned by a dignified and elegant sofa, and colored by the majestic mountain grey, with a wall finish decorated by a Chinese ink painting of landscape. One flower is a world. How could not have a touch of pines style at the meeting area? Besides the regular meeting table and devices, the side of the wall added a platform made of wood, as if a platform among pines, which made people stay among nature and have a broader vision



2023 Muse Design Awards - Gold Winner

2022 DNA Paris Design Awards - Honorable Mention

2021 Nest Award – Best Workplace

Completion Year
1,673 ㎡
Guangzhou China
Project Type
Design + Construction