Weaving realistic poems with diligent hands, the golden pine poured with resounding bytes grows over time, and the rings of growth are the marks of its gradual growth. On the basis of combining the concept of "honesty, integrity, and mutual motivation", the overall design concept is sublimated in the cultural elements of the Bay Area, showcasing a "charming new atmosphere in this new office space.


The sails galloping in the Greater Bay Area have transformed into a front-end design, still standing firm in the wave of development in the Bay Area. The curve of the reception area ceiling echoes each other, perhaps outlining the ripples under the poetry of the Bay Area, or perhaps the imprint of the rings of time. The gilded gold spilled down, and the vigorous golden pine revealed its moving figure. The rotating branches and leaves in the wind stirred the notes welcoming the future, and the upright body revealed the glory of time. In the blink of an eye, the ceiling is like clouds rolling and flowing, while the ground is still and flowing deep. The sea and sky are in one color, extremely elegant.


In the work area, a large number of arcs resemble water patterns and tree rings. The branches and leaves of the pine tree roam throughout the entire work area, and the natural colors adorn the entire space. The red color in the leisure area symbolizes the glorious faith in the hearts of the JT&N people.


The tide receded and a peaceful sea color fainted in the tea room. Circle after circle of growth rings wander freely on the wall, creating a unique appearance. Tranquility descended upon this space, allowing one to feel the vastness of the world.

Completion Year
2,200 ㎡
Shenzhen China
Project Type