The wind in Shanghai carries the arrival of Shanghai-style culture in Guangzhou, and the first ray of sunrise is a witness to the “Sunrise City”, which is a portrayal of flourishing at the top of the industry, as well as a long poem that moves gently and firmly with time. The sunlight is cut into lines by the building, becoming a decoration for the off-white space, measuring the length of time and space.

The morning light and evening shade create a myriad of phenomena, showcasing the ever-changing light and shadow at the reception desk. The beige artistic paint walls are transformed into canvases, and the marble front desk, which is divided by light and shadow, is like a work of art that cooperates with nature. The soft and unified combination of beige and sunlight is the best reflection of "all bright". The clouds are arc-shaped lines that complement the ceiling and ground, providing a visual experience of continuous development. The scenery outside the landing window is like a picture of a movie passing by. Sitting in the reception area, you can see the extreme waistline of "The Canton Tower", and the color faded by the melting gold of the setting sun becomes the flowing light of "Canton Tower" at night.

The tea room also shares the scenery outside the window with the reception desk. The modern and minimalist design incorporates classical and elegant elements. The wooden tea room is paired with walnut furniture, allowing you to feel the river quietly flowing over the Liede Bridge outside the window by the flow of tea, bringing a tea-tasting atmosphere.

Walking from the front hall to the office area, the development footprint of Allbright on the historical wall encourages fellow travelers to continue moving forward. The movable partitions in the large conference room not only divide the space but also bundle the light and shadow on the desktop, recording the journey of struggle. The vigorous vitality of Allbright irrigates the green plants that can be seen everywhere, drawing sunshine and growing upwards every day of life.

Color flows, a lively and vibrant crimson carpet illuminates the 60 ° corridor, adorned with contrasting dark green chairs, and the mirror reflection extends the visual experience, creating a turning point in the space. Work has boundaries, but the scenery outside the window has no boundaries. The transparent and bright French window blur the boundaries, and you can feel the poetic flow after work. Jumping out of the rational white is not only a relaxation during rest, but also an artistic innovation that breaks through existing programs.

The green of the sandbar is a supplement to fatigue, and the polygonal structure of the ceiling progresses layer by layer in the geometric space, making the overall space stable and vibrant. The combination of metal furniture and checkered tiles gives a more concrete artistic expression to vintage elegance. Soft lighting creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for employees, and every corner is a peaceful space to be alone with the world.


2023 Outstanding Property Award London  –  Winner

2023 Titan Awards  -  Gold Winner

2023 Muse Design - Gold Winner

2023 Architecture Masterprize  –  Honorable Mention

2023 New York Design Awards – Silver

2023 IDA Design Awards - - Silver   

Completion Year
3,388 ㎡
Guangzhou China
Project Type
Design + Construction